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Just because it hasn’t been created yet doesn’t mean we can’t make it for you. ORX has designed wheels, axles, and wheel sets for many diverse and specialized applications. We have extensive materials testing and analysis capabilities in-house, in conjunction with the diagnostic experience to find and correct performance problems. We ensure sound wheel designs by providing finite element analysis of wheel and axle designs using FEA software.

At ORX, we also take pride in the smaller designs we offer, including pinpoint gauging devices that allow your employees to make fast, accurate inspections of whatever you deem important. Our design philosophy is simple: Using readily available materials, we strive to maximize simplicity, ease of use, and ergonomics.

Our engineering staff has significant experience and expertise in mechanics, electricity, and metallurgy, with hands-on knowhow that’s readily available to all of our customers. No matter what the challenge — large or small — ORX will find the answer you need.