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Justin Good
Manufacturing Superintendent
With a solid hands on background and inate management skills, Justin is responsible for all ORX production. It's an incredibly complex task, but one which he feels right at home handling.
Erick Van Ormer
Technical Project Manager
With a solid experience from being our Manufacturing superintendent for many years, Erick has graduated to being a technical project manager. He now handles all technically unique projects when they start and how we can fit those in at ORX in the best possible way.
Terry Sprankle
Materials Manager
Fourteen years of shop experience – and more time than that managing rock and roll bands – have prepared Terry for his position as Materials Manager. We were a little bit worried when we handed him the responsibility with absolutely no training time, but it was like worrying whether or not fish can swim. He took to the water right away, and ORX never missed a beat during his transition.